ART & TECHNOLOGY (BA) SWAN Teater Nordkraft, Aalborg/May 2016

The bachelor project, SWAN, was an experimental ballet performance performed at Teater Nordkraft, Aalborg, on May 20th and 21st 2016.


SWAN is a story about a girl who feels pressured by society's beauty standards and its expectations of desiring the "perfect life".  The girl seeks acceptance, but in the end she chooses to break free.


SWAN was a 15-minute performance, where the ballerina, Karoline Bendtsen, performed as the only dancer, sharing the stage with the audience.


The audience were free to walk around and explore the stage during the performance. A set design consisting of projected films and a TV with snippets from real life together with colored, shifting stage lights and a music score, all pre-programmed to function without human assistance, created an immersive space for audience and performer.


SWAN was created in collaboration with Grith Sandberg, supported by KulturKanten.






BIRDSinterACTION Teater Nordkraft, Aalborg/December 2016

BIRDSinterACTION was an interactive dance performance performed at Teater Nordkraft on the 4th and 5th of December, 2015.


BIRDSinterACTION was a production by Dansefyrtårn Nord in collaboration with students from Art & Technology, Class of 2016. The project was supported by KulturKanten.






UNIVERS CREATE, Aalborg/May 2015

UNIVERS was an interactive light and sound installation exhibited during the ArT spring exhibition at CREATE, Aalborg University in May 2015.


The installation consisted of 50 boxes with lights, a microphone and buttons placed on a table. When visitors talked or sang into the microphone, the boxes lit according to how loud the visitors were - the louder the sounds, the more the boxes lit up.


The buttons on the table made sounds as they were pushed by the visitors. The boxes lit up to these sounds as well.


UNIVERS was made in collaboration with Grith Sandberg.






CREATivE PATTERNS CREATE, Aalborg/December 2014

CREATivE PATTERNS was an interactive installation exhibited during  the ArT fall exhibition at CREATE, Aalborg University 2014.


The project investigated human movement patterns, focusing on artistic visualization of video data.


While visitors experienced the exhibition, a webcam, connected to a computer, captured their movements. On the computer, a program translated the movements into colorful patterns, which were projected to an outer wall of the building.


CREATivE PATTERNS was made in collaboration with Alf Andersen, Frederik Gøeg Bygholm, Grith Sandberg, and Nikolaj Andersson.





[ART]BEAT Platform 4, Aalborg/May 2014

[ART]BEAT was an interactive light and sound installation exhibited during the ArT spring exhibition in Karolinelund, Aalborg May 2014.


[ART]BEAT consisted of a metal frame suspended mid-air. From the frame, boxes of light and a circular "ball", hang. The lights were connected to a music input. Visitors could change the music as they wished, watching their favorite songs visualized. The lights reacted to different frequencies in the music.


[ART]BEAT was made in collaboration with Grith Sandberg, Ida Jørgensen, Julie Thoft, Na Eun Kim, and Nele Kadastik.





BELLA Toldboden, Aalborg/December 2013

BELLA was a sound sculpture exhibited during the ArT fall exhibition at Toldboden, 2013.


BELLA was made from scrap metal bars, welded together as a frame. From the frame, yet more scrap metal bars hung. These were cut in lengths that made it possible for visitors to create music by hitting the bars with xylophone mallets.


BELLA was made in collaboration with Louise Stenberg, Magda Hertzberg, and Nikolaj Andersson.